What to look for when deciding on lip filler surgery

According to a recent BBC report, some of the busiest practitioners can carry out up to 15 procedures a day in clinic, prompting concern from specialists at the Inspire Me clinic that the popularity of lip work is attractive for unqualified, unscrupulous doctors.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the Kardashians and Jenners were namechecked as being the prime movers behind the rise in lip filler treatments, which carry risks such as scarring and infection, or even the so-called “duck pout” effect if carried out incorrectly.

Despite pressure from health groups, there is a weak legal framework around lip filler cosmetic surgery, which means it can be carried out almost anywhere, from hair salons to pop-up offices or even spare rooms.

According to Save Face, a national register of accredited practitioners, a staggering 83 per cent of lip filler procedures are carried out by non-professionals, which has caused post filler problems to skyrocket from 378 in 2016 to 931 in 2017.

Dr Prerna Mittal at the Inspire Me clinic has some advice for anyone seeking lip fillers, the main being always contact a qualified doctor with legitimate testimonials to talk about the work before going ahead.

It is not uncommon to hear of women being sucked into having their lips filled while they are in a salon having other work done.

Here is a quick checklist put together by the Inspire Me clinic of what to look for when deciding on lip filler cosmetic surgery.

  • Check the experience and qualifications of the clinician, and ask about insurance;
  • Ask how long the practitioner has been carrying out their work;
  • Ask to see proper photographs of the before and after treatment, and don’t be fobbed off with social media pictures;
  • Ask about the side effects and talk about medication;
  • Ask about the anaesthetic and the filler;
  • Get details on the complaints procedure if you need to follow up;
  • Be prepared to deal with complications.
  • How does the clinic deal with complications if they occur?

There are several other talking points for you to bring up with the clinician ahead of agreeing to surgery, including realistic outcomes and expectations of the treatment. There is only one Kim Kardashian, and so any prospective patient needs to consider what is or isn’t achievable through the procedure.

It’s important to consider the nature of the filler and the product used. Are you allergic to hyaluronic acid filler? Do you even know what hyaluronic acid is? Having information on the amount of filler requested and what it will take to reach your treatment goal is also crucial to a successful problem-free procedure.

The longevity of the filler will vary depending on numerous factors and is also something to think about when talking to the clinic, as is the anaesthesia.

A good clinic will make any individual considering a lip filler fully aware of the potential side effects, such as swelling, infection, even things like cold sore reactivation or something more serious. Have you considered whether you will need time off work, not to mention your social life?

A fuller pout can be a real thing of beauty, so don’t risk the pain or suffering of permanent damage by choosing an unqualified cheaper alternative, be upfront about the costs and talk to your clinic about payment options.

If you think a lip filler is for you, talk to Dr Mittal today for a free and confidential chat with an experienced and regulated practitioner.